Portem la sonorització a tot tipus d'esdeveniments​

We bring sound to all kinds of events

FestaMusic - Sonorització

La nostra especialitat es fer arribar el so amb la millor qualitat a qualsevol esdeveniment. Portem la sonorització de tot tipus d’esdeveniments. Disposem de tot tipus de micròfons, així com taules de mescles, monitors i equalitzadors. Hem realitzat varis festivals de dansa i cant coral, presentacions i demostracions de productes i sonoritzacions a instal·lacions.

From FestaMusic Grup we bring the sound of all kinds of events, Our specialty is to bring the sound with the best quality to any event. We bring the sound of every event dip. We have all kinds of microphones, as well as mixing boards, monitors and equalizers. We have done several choral dance and singing festivals, product presentations and demonstrations, and sound installations at the facilities.

Our discommobiles are of quality, with qualified personnel and with the best equipment of the market. We adapt current music lists as always with the client’s styles.

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